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Aspire to create new or improved products that set you apart in the marketplace? Rely on Ingredion’s broad portfolio of naturally-derived and modified emulsifiers, encapsulants and carriers, combined with our deep applications expertise to overcome your challenges in affordability, convenience, and performance.

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  • See how plating mushroom flavor can bring savory nuances to life in a seasoning blend. Stop by to learn how it is done. 

    Take home a product demo to experience for yourself how N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent can create flowable, easy-to-mix powders from almost any liquid. The product demo comes with a reusable tumbler and two delicious ready-to-mix flavors of hot cocoa, both made with our breakthrough plant-based plating agent.

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  • WESTCHESTER, Ill., June 14, 2018 – Ingredion Incorporated, an innovative global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announces two new certified-organic additions to its line of functional clean-label starches for the U.S. and Canada, NOVATION PRIMA® 309 and 609. The organic functional native corn starches enable manufacturers to create a superior eating experience that boasts extended visual, sensory and cost appeal. The starches are designed to perform in organic products that undergo harsh process conditions and require high freeze/thaw stability, such as organic savory foods, alternative-dairy products and baby foods.

    NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic native corn starches provide a comparable viscosity and gel strength to modified starches, yet qualify for a simple, “organic corn starch” label while providing cold-temperature stability. The certified-organic corn starches are unique, providing both process tolerance and cold-temperature stability. The starches create a smooth, short texture that, once cooked, do not set to a gel or cause syneresis, even after several freeze/thaw cycles.

    “Consumer demand for clean-label organic products, especially organic baby foods, continues to grow at a strong pace,” notes Pat O’Brien, senior manager of marketing for the Wholesome springboard at Ingredion Incorporated, North America. “With a large number of corn starches on the market derived from conventional sources, having certified organic, clean-label functional corn starches available with NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 is a significant benefit for manufacturers and consumers. The starches perform even in cold temperatures and maintain stability throughout freeze/thaw cycles to create appealing flavors and textures, making the products an indispensable part of the product developer’s tool kit.”

    Ingredion conducted proprietary research to assess consumer preferences for organic ingredients. Consumers in the study told us they “prefer organic corn starch” over its non-organic counterpart and perceive organic corn starch as being “good for their health.”

    “With the increased level of trust consumers have around products labeled as organic, we are passionate about creating the innovative organic solutions manufacturers need to stay ahead. With NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches, food developers are now able to meet consumer demand for clean, organic product labels with foods that hold their texture and maintain flavor in the refrigerator or freezer,” says Igor Playner, vice president of innovation and strategy for Ingredion Incorporated, North America. “Manufacturers can also now simplify their organic labels by removing other texturizers that may no longer be needed.”

    About NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native starches

    NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches can be used to improve product stability, shelf life and the eating experience across a full range of applications, including refrigerated soups, refrigerated/frozen ready meals, sauces, yogurts, dairy and alternative dairy yogurts, drinkable yogurts, non-dairy desserts, ice creams, puddings, fruit preparations and baby foods. NOVATION PRIMA® 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches are certified by Quality Assurance International and can be used in “Organic” or “Certified Organic” labeled foods. And for extra peace of mind, the starches are Non-GMO Project Verified.

    To learn more about NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches or find out how Ingredion’s technical, sensory, CULINOLOGY® and applications teams help food processors develop trend-connected, appealing foods at a reduced cost, contact Ingredion at 1-800-713-0208, na.marketing@ingredion.com or visit www.ingredion.us/organic.

    About Ingredion

    Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR) headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, is a leading global ingredient solutions provider serving customers in more than 120 countries. With annual net sales of nearly $6 billion, the company turns grains, fruits, vegetables and other plant materials into value-added ingredients and biomaterial solutions for the food, beverage, paper and corrugating, brewing and other industries. With 27 Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers around the world and more than 11,000

    employees, the Company develops ingredient solutions to meet consumers' evolving needs by making crackers crunchy, yogurt creamy, candy sweet, paper stronger, and adding fiber to nutrition bars. For more information, visit Ingredion.com.


    CULINOLOGY is a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association. Used with permission.

  • Westchester, Illinois, USA (June 3, 2019) – Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, today launched a new addition to its range of clean label texturizers at the IFT19 Food Expo, NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches. The starches are being introduced globally, starting in the United States and Canada with other regions to follow in 2019.

    NOVATION Lumina functional native starches are specifically designed for light-colored applications with subtle flavors. The texturizers’ neutral color and flavor profile give manufacturers the ability to maintain the most appealing qualities of their products – even in the most delicate food applications.

    “The launch of NOVATION Lumina functional native starches positions Ingredion to help our customers achieve consumer-preferred label claims as we expand the company’s clean and simple ingredients portfolio to new spaces and rising heights,” said Jim Low, Ingredion’s vice president and general manager, Ingredient Solutions.

     Texturizers with the performance of modified starches

    NOVATION Lumina functional native starches deliver viscosity and gel strength comparable to modified starches, provide excellent freeze/thaw and shelf life stability, and have high process tolerance – making them ideal for products that undergo harsh processing conditions.

    Of the countries that have provisions in place to regulate the term “natural”, NOVATION Lumina functional native starches meet the criteria of a natural food ingredient in the UK, France and Ireland, as well as associated EU legislation and the global ISO Technical Specification (ISO/TS 19657).

    Functional native starches with label appeal

    More consumers are shopping for clean and simple labels globally than ever before. According to an Ingredion proprietary study, “natural,” “all natural” and “no artificial ingredients” claims are the most influential factor in consumer purchasing decisions.

     “NOVATION Lumina functional native starches enable manufacturers to answer consumer demand for 'natural’ products with the colors and flavors consumers have come to expect, without compromising texture and performance,” said Patrick O’Brien, Ingredion’s regional business manager for Clean & Simple Ingredients in the U.S. and Canada.

     Ingredion research reveals that flours and starches rank in the top 10 of the most consumer-accepted ingredients. Labeled simply as corn starch, NOVATION Lumina functional native starches are also gluten-free, non-GMO and do not require allergen labeling. Manufacturers should carefully consult regulations specific to all target markets.

     Created for delicate food applications that demand mild flavors and colors

    NOVATION Lumina functional native starches provide neutral flavor and color, enabling formulators to develop creamy, smooth textures without impacting light colors or delicate flavors of finished products. The starches are ideal for a wide range of food applications, including yogurts, dairy desserts and custards, dairy drinks such as drinkable yogurts and flavored milks, white sauces including cooking creams and ready meals, dressings, soups (ready-to-eat) and fruit preps.

    NOVATION Lumina functional native starches are produced using Ingredion’s proprietary, innovative technology. The launch represents the first of many product introductions to be based on this proprietary platform.

     Ingredion’s broad range of solutions enables manufacturers to find the right starches to meet consumer demand across a wide variety of applications. The experts at Ingredion’s Idea Labs® innovation centers use science-based problem solving to create starch solutions that support consumer-preferred claims and labels. Whether the goal is achieving a creamy texture, reformulating for a clean and simple label or simply improving the sensory appeal of delicate food applications, Ingredion’s array of NOVATION functional native starches has a solution to fit every product need.

    To learn more about NOVATION Lumina functional native starches or to find out how Ingredion’s technical, sensory, CULINOLOGY® and applications teams help food processors develop trend-connected, appealing foods at a reduced cost, contact Ingredion at +1-800-713-0208 or na.marketing@ingredion.com and visit www.ingredion.us. To explore Ingredion’s latest innovations at the IFT19 Food Expo and to see a pudding made with NOVATION Lumina functional native starches, visit booth 2035.


  • N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent
    N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent transforms a wide variety of liquids, both oil- and water-based, into uniformly blended, flowable powders....

  • As you answer demand for the innovative spices, seasonings, flavors and actives that go into today’s on-trend foods and beverages, you face many challenges. One is converting these and other ingredients from liquid to powdered form. Today there is a versatile, highly absorbent plating agent that enables you to transform a broad range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic liquids into easy-to-use, free-flowing powders while carrying more concentrated flavor. Discover how N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent, from the Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers, is redefining plating in foods, beverages and beyond.

    N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent transforms a wide variety of liquids, both oil- and waterbased, into uniformly blended, flowable powders. You can greatly improve processing efficiency when you use this agent with oils, thick liquids such as honey or chocolate syrup, and liquids that are difficult or expensive to spray dry. You can also even plate both water- and oil-based liquids together for delivery in one system.

    Starting with native corn starch, Ingredion scientists developed a highly porous structure that enables much greater absorption. N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent allows you to carry up to a 40% load, depending on the active used. The optimized particle size, coupled with low bulk density (350-500 g/L) and increased surface area, enables a higher plating capacity than common carriers such as maltodextrin. With N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent, you can produce highly concentrated actives and vibrant flavors in small volumes of powder, leading to lower cost-in-use and reduced packaging costs.

    Come visit us to learn how this product can help solve your challenges.

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