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Doehler is a global producer and provider of Natural Ingredients, Colors, and Integrated Solutions for the Flavor & Ingredients industry. With an integrated approach and a broad product portfolio, we deliver innovative and safe ingredients to our F&F partners. Our portfolio of Natural Ingredients range from Fruit & Vegetable Juices & Ingredients, Citrus Ingredients, Colors from Natural Sources, Tea & Coffee Concentrates & Essences, Botanical & Plant-Based Extracts, Vanilla, Cocoa and  many more. Based in Darmstadt, Germany, Doehler is active globally with more than 40 production across the world. 

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  • Cold Brew Black Tea RFA
    Aroma – brown, honey like. Taste - Full bodied/smooth tea with notes of honey, wood, earthiness, along with slight astringency....

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  • 10-Fold Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract
    Aroma – slightly floral, marshmallow. Taste - Beany, brown, oak like and buttery....

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  • Natural Ginger Extract
    Aroma - characteristic of Ginger. Taste – clean, slightly citrus, spicy/peppery, and woody....

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