Elemental Container Inc.

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ELEMENTAL CONTAINER is Tournaire’s subsidiary in the US. Our unique position in the market enable us to deliver the expertise of a manufacturer with the service of a distributor. We stock the largest range of industrial aluminum bottles in North America. Tournaire’s aluminum bottles are used for flavors and fragrances all over the world


    Ranging from 50ml to 32L, UN approved as single packaging, available plain or coated. The Tournaire Plus range is the largest and most versatile on the market. With advanced closure systems it will protect your products against light, moisture and oxygen...

  • A true market benchmark, the System Plus™ range is ideal for packaging, transporting and sampling sensitive products.

    • UN approved.
    • Conforms to European regulations on food contact.
    • Three opening sizes: System Plus 32™, System Plus 45™ and System Plus 62™.
    • Leak-proof Tamper-Evident closure system.
    • Gasket options.
    • 100% recyclable aluminum.
    • Extremely light and durable.

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