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Aryballe combines biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and machine learning in a single objective solution to collect, display and analyze odor data so companies can make better decisions. Our products help organizations improve R&D formulation, ingredient quality assurance and end product quality control using odor data. The NeOse Advance is based on our silicon photonics platform to deliver improved stability and repeatability for these applications. 

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  • We are offering a special 20% discount for FlavorCon 2021 attendees on a NeOse Advance product purchase placed before December 15, 2021. Refer to the discount code FLVE21 when discussing with your Aryballe representative. 


  • NeOse Advance
    Silicon photonics-based instrument platform for consistent, reliable odor data capture....

  • Aryballe’s first product based on silicon photonics that captures consistent odor data with improved reliability and stability. The increased range of peptides with the array of Mach Zehnder Interferometers provide sensitivity to a wider range of odors. With improved humidity post-processing and a compact, lightweight housing, the NeOse Advance can unlock the potential for odor data in a broad range of applications in food, flavor and fragrances.

    The NeOse Advance comes with the Aryballe Suite—our intuitive set of software tools for enhanced data capture and analysis.

    • Replacable Core Sensor offers improved repeatability and reproducibility for industrial applications with intuitive tools that reduce the learning curve
    • Easy-to-use, automated routine protocols for food, flavor and fragrance use cases to optimize building data libraries with minimal sample preparation.
    • Integrated Aryballe Suite provides flexible reports to extract objective, data-driven insights from your odor data.
    • Cloud-enabled database for easily accessible database and reports you can access anywhere, anytime, and easily share across your organization