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EVERSWEET™ is a non-artificial, zero calorie sweetener with a next generation clean taste profile and sugar-like sweetness, from the age-old process of fermentation.  EVERSWEET™ delivers a highly efficient, scalable and sustainable product when compared to the traditional production of stevia.

EVERSWEET™ brings together the best tasting components of the stevia leaf – the steviol glycosides Reb M and Reb D – which constitute less than 0.1% of the leaf by weight.


  • StayStrong Dairy Drink (concept)
    DSM’s experts have developed a delicious recipe for a lactose-free, zero-added sugar dairy drink. Formulated with EVERSWEET™, a zero-calorie Reb-M sweetener, "StayStrong" includes probiotics and vitamins A, D and E for immune support....

  • Beyond dairy, EVERSWEET™ works in an array of applications, including dietary supplements, plant-based, beverages, and more!  

    DSM provides a “one-stop” shop capability to blend nutritional, functional, and sweetening ingredients into a custom, tailor-made premix.  Our world-class team of experts provides application, scientific and regulatory claim support to help fast-track from ideas to launch in the marketplace. During these times of uncertainty, leveraging a premix can be a strategic solution that streamlines the product development process and simplifies the manufacturing process.