Exhibitor Product & Service Trails

The Expo Hall at Flavorcon 2018 will feature specially curated Product & Service Trails that showcase the latest and greatest in flavor expertise, technologies, ingredients and innovations from around the world.

These trails will help flavorists, chemists, food scientists, product developers and innovators to navigate the Expo Hall and locate relevant suppliers and insights to inspire their next project.

These curated categories include:

Beverage Innovation Trail
Ingredients, innovations and flavors for beverage applications.
Biotech Trail
Ingredients and technologies that advance the use of biotechnology in flavor.
Clean Label Trail
Flavors, technologies and ingredients that are designed with clean or lean labels in mind.
Dairy Flavor Trail
Ingredients, innovations and flavors for dairy applications.
Flavor Delivery and Performance Trail
Technologies that enhance the performance and/or delivery of a flavor (delivery systems, encapsulation technologies, spray drying).
Functional Flavor Trail
Ingredients and technologies that apply flavor and flavor ingredients for a functional purpose in the finished product (health benefit, nutritional benefit, salt/sugar reduction, preservation, antimicrobial, masking).
Manufacturing, Equipment & Logistics Trail
Robots, software, warehousing, compounding, shipping, etc.
Natural Focus Trail
Natural solutions for flavors, food and beverages.
New Ingredients Trail
Offerings new to your catalog (new introductions, new or refined qualities, newly released captives).
Packaging & Sampling Trail
Drums, canisters, bottles, blotters, mouillettes, innovations in flavor, food or beverage packaging and sampling.
Savory/Reaction Trail
Ingredients and flavors used in savory applications.
Sustainability Innovation Trail
Ingredients, processes and programs that improve the environment, local communities and/or the supply chain.
Sweet/Confectionery Trail
Ingredients, innovations and flavors for sweet and confection applications.