Panel: Applied Taste-active Compounds

Moderator: Jeb Gleason-Allured, Editor in Chief, Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine

Panelists: Riccardo Accolla, PhD, Director Discovery Health & Nutrition and Taste Modulation, Firmenich Flavor Division
Bruce Bryant, PhD, Senior Research Associate, Monell Chemical Senses Center
Melanie Croce, Manager, Research Food Science, Symrise
Rudy Fritsch, PhD, Senior Vice President, Flavors and Nutrition, Chromocell
Donald Karanewsky, PhD, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Senomyx

Monday, November 18 3:00–4:00pm

Experts will discuss the science and application of taste-active compounds, including sweet and salt enhancement, sour agents, bitter blockers and umami boosters. In addition to offering tasting samples during this interactive session, speakers will address:

  • The customer needs and technologies driving ingredient development and application in this area
  • Range of materials available
  • Range of effects that can be achieved
  • Application of these materials in flavor and food systems
  • Future advances in taste-active compounds

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